The daughter of Mick Jagger became the heroine of the Czechoslovak Vogue


Slogan it was a rhetorical question: New season, no clothes? (New season, no clothes?)

September is the time when you need to warm up, but the Czechoslovak Vogue go against the rules and refuses to wear. On all three covers for the new issue of model posing almost naked, reports the with reference to

Дочь Мика Джаггера стала героиней чехословацкого Vogue

One of them is the daughter of Mick Jagger’s 27-year-old Georgia, where the clothes just translucent tights and hat.

Erotic photography is actually on the serious issue — conscious consumption and environmental pollution.

Covers are advocating to give up not from clothes, but from new and often meaningless shopping, which we do every season.

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