The daughter of Tom cruise spotted on a picnic with friends in new York

On the eve of the daughter 40-year-old Katie Holmes, and 57-year-old Tom cruise, 13-year-old Suri, was seen in another walk in new York. In the company of her friends the girl went to a picnic in Central Park in Manhattan.

Дочь Тома Круза замечена на пикнике с подругами в Нью-Йорке

This time the young fashionista Suri was dressed in a boho-chic: it was Mike, voluminous blouse with a vibrant print, yellow long skirt and pink sandals. The Park, the girl came with a big wicker basket in which was stored everything needed for a snack in nature. A picnic basket the girl also took the beloved Pets with which the paparazzi regularly spot her on walks around the city.

The daughter of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes really had a fun time with her friends playing catch-up, a lot of laughing and fooling around. After spending a few hours in the Park, Suri buddies and collected all the rubbish left behind after a picnic lunch, threw it in the trash, and then in great mood went home.

Sources close to the star family say that Katie Holmes has done a lot to ensure that her daughter grew up a spoiled child. Right principles instilled actress Suri from a very early age:

Suri grown up girl. She is very polite and respectful to all others. Katie did the right thing in respect of education, because Suri does not have a drop of arrogance. She does not like been a girl, she has no star disease. She is kind and always willing to help.

Katie also teaches Suri tolerance. Last year she even participated in the parade, hosted by the LGBT community. On the occasion of Suri with friends sold sweets and lemonade and, according to witnesses, “was very sweet and kind.”