The deadliest day for 60 years in Chicago committed 18 murders per day

May 31 in Chicago (Il) recorded the bloody day — this day there were 18 murders, making it the deadliest day for the last 60 years. This writes Fox News.

Самый смертоносный день за 60 лет: в Чикаго совершено 18 убийств за сутки

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The record was achieved in the day when Chicago was the protests and looting following the death of George Fluidat Minneapolis.

According to estimates of the crime lab at the University of Chicago, this day became the most violent day in six decades, but the calculation is only since 1961.

On 29 and 30 may there have been seven murders. All together 25 the murder was done this weekend has been the most brutal in modern history, Chicago.

“We have never seen anything like it,” said senior researcher at the crime lab Max Kapustin. — I don’t even know how to explain it. It is worse than anything we have ever seen”.

Second place for cruelty is a 4 August 1991, when there were 13 murders.

“The level of activity over the last week were unprecedented, and the police Department is actively investigating numerous incidents throughout the city and is working to identify motifs in these cases,” — said the representative of police of Chicago, Thomas Ahern.

He said that the Department “is actively working to achieve justice for all affected residents, particularly those who have been killed or injured by these senseless acts of violence.”

Among those killed may 31 Kashani Bolden, an 18-year-old student of Western Illinois University, who studied the justice. She wanted to be a correctional officer.

She was mortally wounded during an argument in the area of Englewood where she grew up.

Among those who paid tribute to Bolden on the website of the WIU, was Rebecca Buchanan, Professor of English, who said, “Kashani was always smiling and had a contagious laugh. It was not only fun in class, she devoted herself to education and society. It is a tragedy for everyone.”

Another 18-year-old student was also killed that day.

Police said that Lazarre Daniels, a student at DRW College Prep, was shot and killed.

Director of the University Tony Sutton on social networks reported her death to her classmates. He said her death was “an incalculable loss for her family, which will cause pain to those who loved lazarro”.

Angelo Bronson, 36-year-old father of two young children, was shot and killed during a shooting from the car. He lived in Washington and spent the weekend in Chicago visiting.

“The last person I would have thought that this would happen, was Angelo, said his longtime friend Ali Evans. He was always so calm and laughed a lot. I just can’t believe we’re talking about him in past tense.”