The death of Bryant after the helicopter crash was shown in the cartoon 3 years ago (video)

Гибель Брайанта после крушения вертолета была показана в мультфильме еще 3 года назад (видео)

Shaquille O’neal and Kobe Bryant

The death of NBA legends Kobe Bryant in the helicopter crash was “predicted” in 2016 in the animated series Legends of Chamberlain Heights production of the Comedy Central channel.

In particular, in the eighth episode of the animated series called “End of days” a helicopter with Kobe on Board in the eyes of the three characters is wrecked. Bryant is trying to get out from under the wreckage, but there is two Cup Larry O’brien (trophy NBA Champions), which he holds in his hands.

After a short dialogue, the helicopter explodes and Bryant are only five championship rings, three of which picks up one of the characters saying, “They still belong to the Shack”.

Note that at the time was the widespread theory that the first 3 of his 5 titles Kobe won just because he played for “Los Angeles Lakers” along with legendary center Shaquille O’neal.

It is worth noting that the episode was removed from the site of the Comedy Central channel as a sign of respect to the family of Bryant.