The debut of the Mustache in hevewae postponed again: the rival failed a doping test

Дебют Усика в хэвивейте вновь откладывается: соперник украинца провалил допинг-тест

Tyrone Spong

The Dutchman Tyrone Spong, who was to become the first opponent of Alexander Usik in hawaiite, failed a doping test for a prohibited substance clomiphene, the head of the promotion company Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn, is a co-promoter of Ukrainian.

“We had contact with VADA, they told us that the results of the doping tests at Tayrona bad. Now the results will go to the athletic Commission of Illinois.

Soon will be more information. In any case, we have spare rivals,” wrote the Manager in his Twitter.

On Saturday, October 12, Cirrus had to meet with the Spong in the arena of Wintrust in Chicago. Ukrainian already went there with his Manager Egis Klimas. It also became known that almost all tickets are already sold out.

Spoke about the failed doping test of the Dutch boxer and Manager Egis Klimas Mustache.

“It’s horrible, because people are trying to cheat, and others are working extremely hard. It is very disrespectful.

Of course, the Moustache wasn’t too happy when I learned about it. He worked hard, but Tyrone wanted to cheat our team.

Alexander practiced so much. We will fight with everyone who can to get in the ring” – quoted Klimas ESPN.

In turn, Spong declared that categorically does not agree with the results of VADA.

“It was a setup. I completely deny that I used any of the drugs mentioned VADA. I asked about the autopsy doping samples “In”. It happens in some other lab, then I will choose. A week ago I also passed the test after a request from the Boxing Commission of Illinois. It showed that I am clean.

Matchroom, I beg of you to openly admit that a few days ago, my sample did not reveal any substances that affect performance. This is all some manipulation to remove me from the match.

I agreed to the testing from VADA, because I don’t have anything to hide. I can’t leave it so simple. I use all legal possibilities, including the demand for reparation”, – quotes the words of Dutch boxer BoxingScene.

Add that clomiphene is usually taken women to stimulate pregnancy. In the case of men the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) has classified it as a masking agent and made the list of suspicious.