The decision of bureaucratic problems immigrants in the U.S. in the homeland: a lawyer will answer readers ‘ questions ForumDaily

Moving to the USA for permanent residence may be the beginning of a new life, but to sever all ties with the country of origin will still fail. And it is not only about family and friends, as well as about the bureaucratic strings that stretch for modern man wherever he went.

Решение бюрократических проблем иммигрантов в США и на родине: юрист ответит на вопросы читателей ForumDaily

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Problems with the property at home, court proceedings or the need to produce in the United States remaining in the parental home, the documents may be a serious challenge for immigrants. First, the flight across the ocean is never cheap, and not everyone has the opportunity to go on an unplanned vacation, putting on pause the work in America. And secondly, not all easy to Orient, where to go to recover the document, or where to find a lawyer to represent their interests in court.

In such situations, bail may Karina Duvall, a lawyer who is licensed in the United States as a foreign consultant, with an experience of over 20 years. She is an experienced trial attorney with extensive court practice in Russia and abroad, and can also help in the recovery and obtaining many documents in both the United States and in the countries of the former USSR.

Most of her customers live in the United States: it’s U.S. citizens and new Americans, recently arrived in the country, holders of a green card, applicants for political asylum, bride, wives of U.S. citizens, parents of minor children, in General, all those who one way or another need help from abroad. Karina also assists the living to the citizens of Russia, which is necessary to obtain from the United States various legal documents.

At the request of the ForumDaily Karina Duvall will answer questions from our readers about:

  • recovery of documents of the registry office from Russia and former USSR countries;
  • obtaining apostilles in all States of the United States;
  • obtaining apostilles in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR;
  • preparation of powers of attorney for Russia and former USSR countries;
  • statement from housing and receive a piece of departure without the personal involvement of the client;
  • entry into an inheritance in the territory of Russia and former USSR countries;
  • address issues related to real estate in Russia;
  • address issues of acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation and exit from it;
  • registration of citizenship to children;
  • obtaining of extracts from various registers.
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit and a temporary residence permit in Russia;
  • litigation, cancellation of judicial decisions without your participation;
  • litigation in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • expert opinions on Russian law in U.S. courts;
  • obtain documents from any archives.

Readers ForumDaily have the opportunity to ask questions about the recovery of documents in the United States or Russia, litigation matters and other issues using the form, which can be found below in the news or in the comments to this material. You can also leave questions in the comments to the post on this subject on page ForumDaily in Facebook. If you want your question to remain anonymous, you can send him a personal message on our page in Facebook.

Send us your questions before March 10. All answers will be published on our website.

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