The defense gives the Alouettes a third straight win

Defense gives Alouettes third straight win


A 100-yard defensive touchdown in the fourth quarter allowed the Montreal Alouettes to continue their winning streak by beating the Edmonton Elks 25-18 on Saturday at Commonwealth Stadium.< /p>

Head coach Danny Maciocia's squad won a third straight game for the first time this season and hurt the Alberta club badly, as their chances of making the playoffs took a serious hit.


It was a combined effort from linebackers Adarius Pickett and Tyrice Beverette that made the difference in this duel, as the Elks (4-11) were deep in Sparrow territory. The first knocked down a pass and the second caught the ball. He then brought the precious object back to the other end of the field for the middle finger.

“Just before this game, we thought we had to play a big defensive game, as they managed to impose themselves and cross the field, mentioned Beverette at the microphone of the TSN network. I have to commend Pickett on his game and I was just there to help him make that game.

The Alouettes (7-7) looked like they were headed for a loss before this game. attack led by quarterback Trevor Harris was unable to win in the second half. The pivot still managed the two-point convert after the success of the defensive unit.

The latter also had to do the job in the last minutes. The crowd favorites found their way to within yards of the pay zone with just over four minutes to go. Three times, the Als defense frustrated running back Kevin Brown. Subsequently, Micah Awe put an end to the opposing hopes for good by making an interception.

More turnovers

The Alouettes therefore had a narrow escape, they who were nevertheless in control and confident in the first moments of this meeting. The visitors held a 10-point lead at one point in the second quarter and nothing seemed to work for the Elks.

The Montreal attack, however, offered not one, but two golden chances to their rivals to return to the score. Indeed, turnovers caused by running back Walter Fletcher and Harris allowed Edmonton to believe in their chances and return to the locker room with a one-point lead at halftime.

Fortunately for the Sparrows, kicker David Côté's leg ensured the gap wasn't too big.

In addition, wide receiver Eugene Lewis once again demonstrated his incredible talent by catching the ball with one hand to register the second major of his team at the start of the second quarter. Dominique Davis had previously scored the game-winning first touchdown, via a sneak.

“I didn't feel like we were in the field much in the second half,” Harris said after the game. . […] Our defense really took their game up a notch and changed the history of this game.”

The Alouettes will now have nine days until their next game, a duel against the Ottawa Redblacks at Percival-Molson Stadium. It will be the first of a two-game, five-day series against the club, which showed head coach Paul LaPolice the way out on Saturday.