The democratic party was officially named the rival trump in the election of 2020

Despite the fact that primaries were not yet available in all States, the Democratic party has already decided on their candidate in the presidential election of 2020. They, as expected, was a former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, gathered necessary for the nomination of the 1990 vote of the delegates, writes the BBC.

Демократическая партия официально назвала соперника Трампа на выборах 2020 года

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In his microblog on Twitter, the politician wrote that now begins the struggle “for the soul of the nation.”

According to analysts, the main themes of the election campaign Biden will struggle with the coronavirus, the problem of unemployment and mass protests against racism.

Joe Biden was Vice-President in the administration of the 44th President Barack Obama.

He lost the first primaries in Iowa and new Hampshire. But got a crushing victory in South Carolina, after which his campaign began to gain pace as his rivals began to leave the scene. Members of the Democratic party in eight States and three U.S. territories have not voted in primaries. But, regardless of the outcome, the other candidates have no chance to gain the necessary votes for nomination.

“I am proud that competed with the most talented candidates from the Democratic party, and proud of the fact that before the election in our ranks creates unity,” said former Vice President.

Biden 77 years. It was the third time put forward his candidacy for U.S. President, but the nomination received for the first time.

“Now a difficult moment in American history, Biden said. And angry, he that soweth discord politician Donald trump is not helping the country. The country desperately needs a leader. In such a leader that could unite us all.”

Ex-President Barack Obama has approved the nomination of a former ally for the presidency. In a video released in April, Obama said that Biden has all the qualities that are needed now the head of state.

President Donald trump said that looking forward to the bout with his rival, whom he calls “Sleepy Joe”. The trump in the Republican party opponents are little, and his nomination into question does not even arise.

Even before the official nomination as the democratic candidate Biden had to deal with the problems.

He was forced to apologize for his words about the fact that African-Americans may not consider themselves black, even if you only think about how to vote for trump.

Joe Biden was nominated as the candidate of the Democrats at the time, as the United States experiencing a massive wave of unrest caused by the deaths of African-American George Floyd during detention by the police, unemployment in the country has reached levels not seen since the great depression, a plus to the country’s rampant epidemic of coronavirus.

Donald trump and Joe Biden have repeatedly faced these issues, and it is expected that they will be the dominant theme in the forthcoming campaign.

We will remind, voting in the presidential election of 2020 will take place on 3 November.


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