The demonstrators tried to prevent the event Maxim Bernier in Hamilton (PHOTO)

Демонстранты пытались помешать мероприятию Максима Бернье в Гамильтоне (ФОТО)

The protest in front of the building where on Sunday evening the event was held with the participation of the leader of the national party of Canada Maxim Bernier, was marked by outbursts of aggression, when the demonstrators clashed with supporters of the CPP, while several people were detained by police.

A fight broke out at the entrance to Mohawk College in Hamilton, even before the speech, and, according to police, four people were arrested for public order offenses, but then released. No casualties were reported.

The demonstrators, some of whom had closed their faces with bandanas or a Balaclava, holding signs reading “White supremacy is terrorism” and “Refugees welcome here” when they shouted chants of “Nazi scum, off our streets” those who came inside.

Some tried to prevent people entering the building and at some point blocked the path of an elderly woman who used a Walker, yelling at her and her companion.

A group of supporters of the people’s party, at least one of whom was wearing a hat that says Make America Great Again (will Return America to its former greatness), from time to time shouted at the protesters from behind the barrier of police.

Speaking to reporters after the event, Bernier lamented the riots that took place at the building and said that his party and his policies are misunderstood.

“For me it was first experience and I must admit that I didn’t like it. It’s UN-canadian,” said he of the epithets applied to his party and he protesters.

“These people have not found the time to read our platform, because what they said does not correspond to who we are and who I am as a politician, so extremely bad that they didn’t want to discuss our differences,” he said.

The event, held at the round table on freedom of speech involving Bernier and American political commentator David Rubin, has caused an extremely negative reaction in the city, which some experts call a hot spot for the extreme right.

The school has faced criticism for allowing Bernier to rent a facility, and some accused the leadership in providing a platform for hate speech.

Rubin, meanwhile, tweeted last week that the event was canceled due to “threats from anti-fascists”, in connection with allegations of censorship. He later clarified that the statement still held.

President Mohawk College said that they must comply with “the public policy of freedom of speech,” in which they are forced to provide equal opportunities to Express their views.

“The event in question, is connected with a member of the Federal political party which is recognized on a national scale,” wrote Ron Mackerel on Twitter earlier this month.

“This building is not a sign of support of the views of the organizers (of the event). Our policy is independent from the activities of hate”.

Bernier condemned the “mass immigration” and “extreme multiculturalism” and promised to drastically reduce the number of immigrants accepted by Canada, saying the country must first take care of their own citizens.

He also said that climate change is not an immediate threat.

Bernier, who was greeted with a standing ovation, touched these positions on Sunday in the discussion, which began with the fact that the host thanked the audience for “resistance to the fascism that is happening outside.”

Just a few days after mass demonstrations in response to climate change across the country, Bernier described the problem as “religion” and said that he hopes that people will soon “Wake up”.

Part of the audience showed extreme disapproval when the master mentioned young activist Greta Thunberg, who led the movement.

Bernier also promised to abolish the canadian multiculturalism act and to promote canadian culture and values.