The dependence of a teenager from a smartphone can lead to depression

Practical everyday versatility of smartphones may cause the development of this psychological dependence, which is most exposed to teenagers. The “device” can cause depression and impaired social relationships.

Зависимость подростка от смартфона может привести к депрессии

Scientists from the University of the U.S. state of Arizona found that psychological dependence on the smartphone is often the cause of adolescents have symptoms of depression and social isolation. A kind of vicious circle, as the feeling of loneliness is itself a risk factor for depression.

The authors of the publication in the journal Journal of Adolescent Health was invited to participate in a study of 346 students older adolescents.

Subjects answered questions from a special questionnaire to determine self-awareness of loneliness, identify the symptoms of depression and how often during the day they use their smartphones.

Separate testing was done to determine depending on smartphone and its degree with the help of four questions like “do you have a panic attack when deprived of the opportunity to use a smartphone?”

A few months later, the survey and testing was conducted again.

Researchers found that symptoms of depression and tendency to self-isolation, discovered during the re-survey has been more pronounced in those subjects in whom the results of the first test were observed dependence on the smartphone.

The results of the study have considerable practical value, considering the popularity of smartphones among adolescents, and that depression at this age is often a risk factor for drug use, alcohol abuse and even suicide.