The deputies proposed to set limits on the maximum size of salaries of officials

The deputies proposed to set limits on the maximum size of salaries of managers and employees of public sector enterprises of the economy, public servants and employees of institutions financed and subsidized by the state budget.

Депутаты предложили установить ограничения по максимальному размеру зарплат чиновников

A group of MPs registered a draft law No. 2798, reports UBR.

The authors want to set a ceiling in the amount of ten minimum wages. Today it is approved at a level of 4723 UAH, that is ten minimum wages is 47 230 UAH.

The initiators of the amendments propose to Supplement the Law of Ukraine “On remuneration of labor” article 13-2. In the explanatory note they say that in recent time in the country with wages, prizes and cash awards the situation is absurd. Sometimes the ratio between the maximum and minimum salaries in the same institution, organization or business greater than 1 to 400.

Recall that recently the Ukraine has stirred up scandal with the incredible salaries of top officials and managers of state-owned companies. For December 2019, the Deputy Minister of economy Sergey Nikolaychuk got 315 018 UAH. First Deputy Minister of economy Pavlo Kukhta – 288 772 UAH, and Deputy economy Minister Dmitry Romanovich – 282 581 UAH.

Then, last week, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk asked the economy Ministry to formulate proposals for revision of the policy of remuneration of top managers and Supervisory boards. And noted that remuneration should be competitive and yet fair.