The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Ontario is trying to revoke the ban on pit bulls (PHOTOS)

Депутат заксобрания Онтарио пытается аннулировать запрет на питбулей  (ФОТО)

Although in some places you can still see pit bulls roaming the streets of Ontario, a ban on this breed of dog is actually been operating since 2005 throughout the province. However, in the near future this ban may be lifted after Tuesday, November 19, a member of the Doug Ford introduced a private bill as a first step towards the lifting of the ban. On Thursday the legislature will elaborate on the Ontario ban on pit bulls.

Progressive conservative MP Rick Nicholls, who initiated the proposal to lift the ban, said the ban was unfairly placed on the breed. “It’s not in the pit, it’s in the dogs, it’s the owners and how to treat dogs,” he said.

“If you beat a dog or teach her to be evil, the dog will be angry regardless of breed”.

However, Nicholls acknowledged that not all conservatives hold this view.

“Some support it while others do not support, said Nicholls in an interview with City News Toronto. It’s normal, it’s a free vote and they can vote at their own discretion”.

Pit bulls – the only breed of dog that is banned in the province, and Ontario is the only province of Canada where they have banned pit bulls.

However, one can notice these four-legged friends as pit bulls, which started before 2005 are still allowed to contain.

However, in public places, these Pets must be muzzled and on a leash. They should also be spayed and neutered. All these rules will be canceled if the ban will be lifted.

In the past pit bulls were in the headlines of Canadian Newspapers in connection with the violence.

So one day in Montreal a pit bull attacked two children in one day.

In Canada, pit bulls were the cause of death of their owners, for example, in Alberta, where a pit bull-boxer killed his 49-year-old mistress.

However, pit bulls can be kind and caring creatures. One saves his owner from bear attack this year.

However, the risks associated with pit bulls, should not be taken lightly, and may wish to have these majestic and powerful dogs have to go check on bases of the special account before they give permission.

The bill will be discussed on Thursday, November 21.