The dermatologist told about the dangers of the popular balm “Asterisk”


The doctor explained what this folk remedy is harmful for health.

I guess everybody in the family medicine Cabinet or are balm “Asterisk”, which our parents and grandparents used on all occasions. Even after several decades, people continue to use it everywhere, because I trust this drug.

Дерматолог рассказала о вреде популярного бальзама «Звездочка»

The famous balm is originally from Vietnam. He appeared in the USSR in early 1980-ies. Each child remembers how hard it was to open the lid, and which has a strong smell this balm.

– People always and everywhere use it, considering it a universal remedy. But they are not even aware that this is not necessary, told the dermatologist Olga Gavrikova.

The doctor also warned that balm cannot be applied to mucous membranes, cuts, wounds, and the injured area. Balm may intensify inflammation, swelling and bleeding and this will cause serious harm. In addition, it can cause significant skin irritation and aggravate chronic diseases.

The balm “Asterisk” absolutely contraindicated:

  • Children up to two years;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Allergies to any component of the drug.
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