The dermatologist told me to replace tap water for washing

Tap water will not cleanse the skin, especially the face. It is stiff, it contains minerals and disinfectants, which are dried and tightening the skin. If we add to this the aggressive cleansers, then over time the skin will become chronic dehydration. The dermatologist told than you can replace tap water for cleansing skin.

Дерматолог рассказала, чем заменить водопроводную воду для умывания

“Of course, conventional mineral or bottled better than tap, however, do not just wait for a miraculous effect. In addition, different type of water has different properties, for different acts on the skin. You can try different options, and based on subjective feelings and reactions of the skin to choose, what influences you the most comfortably.” — says the dermatologist.

Ionized water

Such water can be obtained if to use a special ionizer for water. He is enriching it with silver ions and flows through the water the weak electrical current. Water is soft, is better absorbed by the cells. But it is worth considering the tendency for allergies, if you have “reactive” skin, this water can aggravate the situation.

Mineral water

The minerals contained in the water shall not penetrate the skin, and generally do not have on it a positive or negative influence. However, it is necessary to pay attention to owners of oily skin — it can reduce sebum and tighten pores (at the time).

Boiled water

Boiling makes the water softer, which is certainly better for the skin. However, it is not necessary to wash with hot water, let it cool to a comfortable temperature.


Washing with ice for all the good decision. If you do not have rosacea and dermatitis and the skin does not suffer from dryness, the ice cubes from boiled or bottled water are able to add more skin tone.