The developers FaceApp answered the charges in the leak of user data applications

Разработчики FaceApp ответили на обвинение в утечке данных пользователей приложения

Despite the fact that mobile app FaceApp, which can “wear out” any person, developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab data of persons who use them, are not forwarded in the Russian Federation. This is stated in the company statement.

The company also claim that they do not sell or share user data with third parties, according to TechCrunch.

According to programmers, many features FaceApp can be used without logins, so 99% of people not registered in the mobile app. That is why the company cannot obtain user information.

Earlier, the leader of the Democratic party in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer has asked the FBI to check to see whether the Russian government the personal data of American users through a mobile application FaceApp.

“FAKTY” wrote that experts warn users that the application may carry the risk of disclosure of personal information. And those who do not want their personal information disclosed, including, and the Russian special services, it is better not to use the program.

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