The diesel fuel imports from Russia increased by 40%

The supply of Russian diesel fuel in Ukraine in February increased by 40% in comparison with January.

Импорт дизельного топлива из России вырос на 40%

About this enkorr reported in “Consulting group A-95” with reference to the results of the study.

The balance of the Ukrainian market of diesel fuel in February 2020 amounted to 448,4 thousand tons Is 3% (12.7 thousand tons) more than in February 2019 and 25% (90 thousand tons) more than in January 2020 Ukrainian refineries in the February balance took about 14% (64 thousand tons), import — 86% (384 thousand tons).

From Russia in February 2020 was imported 200,8 thousand tons, which is 58.6 thousand tons more than in January (142.5 thousand tons). The main increase occurred in the channel of supply via pipeline terminal in Gomel (Belarus), with which shipments to Ukraine in February increased to 118 kt with 75 kt in January. Direct railway shipments rose from 36.7 to 50 thousand tons due to increase in shipments of the resource of the company “LUKOIL” and the resumption of import of Salavat DT. Shipments through the terminal of the pipeline “Precarpathians”, which is levied a 4 percent tax in February, almost remained at the level of January and amounted to 33 thousand tons.

Through the ports in February decorated import 32 million tonnes, which is twice more than in January. It is also a record volume of sea imports in February for at least the past 5 years.

For the period of January-February 2020 market balance of DT amounted to 807 thousand tons, which is 6% (52 thousand tons) less than in the same period of 2019 Reduction of fuel supplies was partly offset accumulated from the end of last year reserves, but in early March the market was faced with the first signs of deficiency that resulted in a speculative rise in prices by 4% during the first week of March.