The disease, which deteriorates eyesight


Eye disease directly affect the vision, they the person may even go blind. But often bad vision is to blame the problems with other organs.

Болезни, из-за которых портится зрение

Eye doctor called Valentine married 6 non-obvious reasons why vision deteriorates.

  • Cholesterol

It is proved that high cholesterol can lead to temporary loss of vision. The reason is that plaque in blood vessels interfere with blood in the proper amount to enter the eye.

This disease can also occur: a tangible pain in the eyes, yellowish deposits on the eyelids or around the eyes, grey rings around the cornea.

  • A sick thyroid

When this gland fails, the hormones produced in the wrong amount. This can occur: zadvoenie image in the eyes, swelling of the eye muscles. Serious only organ affected by Graves ‘disease (graves’ syndrome). Because of this, there is protrusion of the eyeballs. From this disease suffered Krupskaya, wife of Lenin.

  • Diabetes

In people with diseased pancreas and diabetics often have problems with eyes. The portion of the retina may swell because of fluid retention. Because of this vision begins to fall. Can be observed and retinopathy, which occurs blurred vision and retinal detachment. In addition, patients with diabetes 60 percent more likely to get cataracts and 40% they are more likely to occur glaucoma.

  • Stroke

Vision loss often occurs after a stroke. People may experience reduced vision in the period which accompanies the stroke. So be sure to follow this! There is also a disease in which the stroke of the retina. This disease occurs when blockage of blood vessels in the eye. Especially frequent risk among people with high blood pressure.

  • Migraine

Five – or ten-minute glimmer in the eyes, appearance of blind spots, headaches and blurry vision may indicate ophthalmic migraine. If this occurs regularly, you should immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

  • Autoimmune diseases

To dangerous for eyes diseases of this type include myasthenia gravis. When her muscle weakness occurs, the eyes themselves are closed, and the eyelid is lowered in time. Autoimmune disease lupus often causes uveitis. What choroid is inflamed, the vision begins to fall and the person begins to go blind.

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