The district court in Warsaw allowed to extradite Russian ex-head of the NGO ‘Space’ by Andrey Chernyakov (PHOTO)

The district court in Warsaw allowed to extradite to Russia the former head of the NGO “Cosmos” Andrei Chernyakov, the correspondent of RIA “Novosti” from the courtroom. The verdict is not final and can be challenged in the court of appeal.
“I am pleased with the court’s decision,” said Tcherniakov, stressing that “tired of this madhouse”. His words leads TASS.

The former head of the NGO “Cosmos” has said it wants as soon as possible to complete the process and get into the hands of Russian justice. “I strive to as soon as possible to finish it. I don’t believe in the Polish justice. I understand that all cases are joined into one. Because of this I was sent to Ekaterinburg. Nevertheless, I want to go to Russia, as there is a justice makes any kind of sense,” he said, addressing the court.

As explained by the judge Maciej Grusinski, the court agreed to extend the list of allegations against Chernyakova in Russia will be considered Russian justice after his extradition to Russia.

In 2018, the District court in Warsaw has taken the decision to extradite Chernyakova. The appellate court left the verdict in force. Later, the Russian side sent new materials on the case and the court had to consider the question of extradition again.

According to Polish law, the decision on extradition must be approved by the Minister of justice of Poland. On Monday it became known that the consent of the head of Department on the results Chernyakova Russian authorities have already issued. After today’s court decision to undergo this procedure in the Ministry of justice will not have to.
Despite the decision of the Minister, Chernyakov remains in custody in Poland. As reported by TASS in the press service of the court, the period of his temporary arrest was extended until 15 December of the current year.

Chernyakov – the former head of a major construction company “Space”, which specializes in transport infrastructure. He is accused of embezzling 11 billion, resulting in a credit in 2011 for the construction of the Alabyano-Baltic tunnel in Moscow. These are the funds the Bank was not returned. After the institution of proceedings Chernyakova was declared internationally wanted by Interpol.

In 2015, the circulation of the Bank of Moscow, the court imposed a lien on the property Chernyakova worldwide at 150 million pounds, including two jet, two Rolls-Royce, luxury goods, and accounts and property in different countries. In particular, in Austria and Germany in the accounts Chernyakova was blocked hundreds of thousands of dollars and euros. In addition, Chernyakova was forbidden to leave the territory of England and Wales. In November last year by decision of the High court of England and Wales, all property of Andrew Chernyakova was taken.

In December 2017, the Russian was detained by Polish border guards on the international arrest warrant in Warsaw airport. He planned to fly to Kiev. When passing the border control at the exit from Poland Chernyakov has a fake Romanian passport.