The doctor called a few symptoms, which can hide cancer

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov listed symptoms, which can hide cancer.

Доктор назвал несколько симптомов, за которыми может скрываться рак

The doctor said that back pain require special attention. According to him, people often treat osteoarthritis, whereas a bad back “honked” on the development of cancer.

Cheerleaders have unreasonable high temperature, it can be a signal of colon cancer. Bleeding gums and unusual changes in the nails also should not be ignored.

About the development of cancer may indicate unexplained itching and the appearance of long whitish hair in places where they had not. According to doctors, the tumor, changing hormonal balance, provoking changes in other, far away parts of the body.

Signs of a possible tumor butchers called recurring venous thrombosis, elevated calcium (may be a sign of myeloma, kidney cancer or lung) and anemia in men – in this case it should be checked for problems with the digestive tract and bowel cancer.

The “bells” of cancer, in the opinion of the doctor is anemia, sudden weight loss, and constant weakness.

Signal cancer can be unexpected blurred vision and the changing nature of chronic cough. Often doctors with carcinoid syndrome, “diagnosed with” vegetative-vascular dystonia (VVD).