The doctor called the way of helping to avoid colon cancer

In order to avoid colon cancer, it’s important to undergo regular medical examinations, allowing early notice polyps. This was pointed out to some Italian doctor Renata Gili, who told about the ways of preventing colon cancer.

Врач назвала способ, помогающий избежать рака прямой кишки

According to the doctor, colorectal cancer occupies the third place among most common oncological diseases. The number of deaths of this cancer is already in second place.

“In recent years there has been a steady growth of this disease among people under the age of 50 years” — said Renata Gili.

According to the doctor, a trigger in the development of this cancer are factors such as physical inactivity, Smoking and excess weight. Very greatly influenced the use of harmful products — processed red meat, sausages, sugar, alcohol.

The specialist explained that most cases of colon cancer develop from polyps that initially are composed of malignant cells. It is important to detect these polyps and take them observation: this allows you to take timely action and prevent cancer. To do this most efficiently is only one way: the time and with the necessary regularity to carry out the screening, said the doctor.