The doctor called useless in treating colds means

The doctor called a few useless tools in the treatment of colds, which are very popular in our country.

Врач назвала бесполезные при лечении простуды средства

First and foremost is vitamin C. It helps to protect against diseases. For real effect, the person needs eight grams of the vitamin, which is equal to one and a half lemons or several packages of vitamin C. However, the use of such a large number of nutrients at once can lead to negative consequences for the organism.

A slice of lemon in tea, too, will not bring much benefit, since the hot water deprives it of vitamin C.

Proven effectiveness against colds and flu also do not have antiviral drugs and immunomodulators.

“Truly effective antiviral drugs treat only with certain viruses,” said the doctor.

Antibiotics will not help in the fight against colds as they apply in the first place, against germs, not viruses. Accordingly, in case of viral infections they are useless.