The doctor described the symptoms of hypertensive crisis

For a hypertensive crisis characterized by a strong increase in pressure, which also may experience the typical symptoms: redness of the face, nausea, dizziness. This was told by the doctor Sergey Stebletsov.

Врач назвал признаки гипертонического криза

Sergey Stebletsov reported that in the case of hypertensive crisis to the victim and the person must call an ambulance. He called signs, which are usually tested by people in such circumstances.

Also, according to the doctor, the person may start to burn the face, there is a heaviness in the head. In addition, he may feel nausea, dizziness, pressure in ears, decrease the volume of surrounding sounds. Stebletsov noticed that these symptoms “were almost all”.

If you encounter these negative States is necessary to measure the pressure, said the doctor. Its sharp growth indicates a problem, the need for assistance.

Stebletsov added that high blood pressure often do not notice people, very dangerous. Its presence correlates with a high risk of atherosclerosis development, and as its consequences — heart attack and stroke.

Of course, there are times when the pressure naturally rises: for example, when stress on the body. In addition, high pressure can be common in people with rapid temperament, prone to adrenaline rush.

“But if the pressure is not stabiliziruemost for 20-30 minutes, this is a violation of the recovery mechanisms. If you don’t come back for 30-40 minutes, you should think about calling a doctor. When high blood pressure lasts two-three hours in the body can cause serious injury. A few days — we can talk about critical violations in any body,” warned the doctor.