The doctor explained how hurt bananas

Imported to our country bananas are treated with chemicals to increase shelf life, and these substances are not just harmful – they are carcinogenic. This was told in the press doctor Gregory Konev.

Врач объяснил, как могут навредить бананы

The technician stated that the damage that can cause bananas to health, depends on the method of storage and transportation of fruits. These fruits are imported unripe, so they can withstand storage in warehouses. To improve the ability of bananas stored for a long time and also become the sweeter they are treated with chemicals E230, Е231 and Е232 containing phenol.

Konev said, “for the body of an adult and the phenol is extremely poisonous, even a small ingestion may provoke the development of cancer”.

Before use, the doctor recommends every banana wash. Small children up to three years and a little older, it is better not to eat bananas, said the expert.

He said that because of not completely formed digestive system in children can occur on a variety of allergic reactions. In turn, the high content of vitamin K in bananas may lead to oversupply in the child’s body that “may lead to destruction of red blood the body and jaundice”.

Also bananas do not eat people suffering from thrombophlebitis or having increased blood viscosity diabetics, additionally said the expert.