The doctor explained the futility of the popular tools from the flu

Popular measures to protect against colds and flu is ineffective, the doctor explained Andrew Tyazhelnikov. According to him, the use of masks, oxolinic ointment, garlic, raspberries and other known means can not be compared with vaccination.

Врач объяснил бесполезность популярных средств от гриппа

Specialist Andrew Tyazhelnikov told about why skeptical about wearing bandages and masks to protect against viral diseases. The doctor noticed that the medical mask is losing its functions after three hours of wearing, after which “itself becomes a source of infection”.

Tyazhelnikov believes that wearing a bandage is meaningful only when visiting places with a high risk contact with sick people, — for example, when going to the clinic.

Lubricate the nasal passages oxolinic ointment is recommended in the autumn is not only my grandmother, but many therapists. Tyazhelnikov explained why this is just not to do.

“Ointments glue microvilli inside the nose, which should prevent the ingress of dust, viruses and bacteria,” — said the expert.

In addition, the doctor urged not to bury his nose in the juice of garlic, since its use is capable of burning the mucous membrane.

The expert also criticized the treatment of colds and flu tea with raspberry jam. Tyazhelnikov said that raspberries as a source of vitamins, particularly vitamin C should be consumed in fresh or in dried form. Cooking the berries with the jam-making leads to the disintegration of valuable vitamin C.

Not recommended by the physician and tempering procedures in the flu season. He stressed that in autumn and winter the body is weakened, and all procedures, which become for him a test of stability can lead to various diseases. If so, and tempered, then it should be done in advance and very gradually added the medic.

He concluded that the best disease prevention is annual vaccination.