The doctor gave a long list of useless drugs

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov told what medications, in his opinion, are “phony.”

Доктор привёл длинный перечень бесполезных лекарств

There are doctors that are specially prescribe useless drugs to get your earnings from pharmaceutical companies. But they are much less than those who are appointed “dummy” due to the fact that he did not know about their inefficiency, he said.

According to him, many doctors prescribe some sort of medication only to the patient did not consider the technique is useless.

Myasnikov noted that the number of drugs that will not bring any benefit, include enzymes, sosudoukreplyayuschee drugs, immunomodulators, hepatoprotectors. Also, in his opinion, useless vitamins and Supplements, chondroprotectors, probiotics, prebiotics, nootropics, herbal preparations.

Some of the drugs can help, but the effectiveness of most has not been proven, said the medic.

— Many patients do not need drugs, and in hard tips, for example, about lifestyle change, weight loss and physical activity, — said Myasnikov.

He also advised on appointment be sure to ask the doctor what kind of medication he prescribed, and whether it is proved its effectiveness.