The doctor gave important advice for Allergy sufferers


In the kit of every allergies should be Allergy medications.

This opinion was expressed by the allergologist Elena bachinskaya.

Врач дала важный совет аллергикам

In the body of every allergies must have the appropriate anti-allergic drugs, various antihistamines, the doctor noted.

“Standard first aid are introduced epinephrine, we have for sale is a syringe-pens, with which one can, not even undressing, through clothing to introduce yourself drugs leg. Of course, you Allergy sufferers should have a set of modern antihistamines,” — said E. bachinskaya.

The doctor added that allergenic pollen is spread all over the territory of Ukraine, is now active pollen of ambrosia, Artemisia, etc. most of the population in our country suffers from allergies in the steppe industrial areas in Zaporozhye, for example. In the Northern and Western regions, less people suffer.

Referring to food allergies, the medic drew attention to the fact that cross-food allergies can cause beer.

“As for insect bites, their stings is life-threatening condition. Anaphylactic reaction the person may have to develop instantly. The first wasp sting can pass without an allergic reaction, and the second bite may develop a severe allergic reaction. Now on the Ukrainian market are widely represented anti-Allergy drugs, they have to carry, especially outside the city where there is a high probability of insect bites,” — concluded E. bachinskaya.

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