The doctor informed the patient ombudsman how much time he spent with patients. “It was a cry of despair on my part”

Out of powerlessness against the system, the doctor took a risk …

 The doctor informed the patient ombudsman how much time he spent with patients.

According to the analysis of a vascular surgery specialist, 6.5 minutes were taken up by numerous medical consultations in the hospital clinic where the man works.

The surgeon decided to personally report to the spokesman with the problem

Maciej Jedliński announced that this was a breach of patient rights, so he made a breakneck decision to inform the hospital patient's spokesman about how much time he devoted to patients.

It was a scream despair on my part – he admitted in an interview with the media. The problem has not been finally resolved, but the surgeon confirms that the clinicians at the clinic are currently recording a slightly smaller number of patients at a time on a specific day, so now there is more time for visits.

As the square explains, The reason for such tragic results is a large number of patients with special privileges that make it necessary to admit them at a predetermined time. The hospital management is working on implementing another formula for the organization of parties.

It should be noted that, according to the medic, the earlier bosses led to the absurd situation of admitting more and more people at a given date, which resulted in the gradual reduction of the amount of time for a visit from 15 minutes to 6.5 minutes.

He had at some point after 28 admissible patients within three working hours. A large group of them were registered for one and the same hour, which made everyone want to be inside the office at once.

I would like to emphasize that in six and a half minutes I have to collect an interview, perform an examination, order additional tests, write a prescription, as well as change the dressing, prepare the wound, remove sutures after surgery and often perform ultrasound on your own. It is difficult to do all this in such a short time

– said the physician.

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