The doctor pointed to the most harmful types of meat

Physiotherapist Marina Vaulina said that the most harmful to human health is meat with a long shelf life. Often, this “elite” types of meat imported, the expert noted.

Врач указала на самые вредные виды мяса

According to Marina Paulinoi, the longer the shelf life of meat products and the farther the country of origin, the greater the chance that the product will be a lot of unwanted chemicals, in particular preservatives.

“The reality is that freeze and thaw such products is often several times. Nothing good comes from all this, the body does not receive”, — said the doctor.

The medic added that the widespread belief about the ability of the red meat cause cancer was never proven, and eat meat dishes, but strictly in moderation.

“As jerked meat, “jamon” and the like products, in moderation they are quite harmless. Not to be confused with the dried and smoked” — this is the opinion of a specialist.

Marina Vaulina noticed that even naturally smoked chicken, sausage on the amount contained harmful substances a little different from barbecue. Barbecue, even perfectly cooked, contains fat in muscle fibers, is saturated with smoke particles and carcinogens, she warned.

In addition, the Marina Vaulina is advised not to store meat for a long time in the fridge after defrosting, don’t overcook it and not to cook with lots of spices, oil and salt.

“Meat that is boiled, steamed or any other “diet” way, served with vegetables, foods that contain fiber, is digested much better,” said the doctor.

The hardest the human body to assimilate goose and duck meat as well as lamb and pork, the expert added.