The doctor refuted the myths about the impact of sugar on cancer

Alexey Vodovozov, doctor-therapist of the highest category and a science journalist, refuted some of the myths associated with the harm of sugar. The expert, in particular, walked on the widespread myth that sugar can provoke the development of cancer.

Врач опроверг мифы о влиянии сахара на развитие рака

Sugar decided to demonize. It is believed that it causes a lot of dangerous and potentially fatal diseases, and that it does not have anything useful for the body. Supposedly you need to opt out of sugar and then you live happily ever after.

Thus, many people believe that if there is honey instead of sugar, you can protect yourself from all the “sugar” threats. But obviously that’s not true, honey mostly consists of the same substances as sugar. Commenting on the myths about sugar, water carriers says that all must adhere to common approach.

“Glucose, sucrose, maltose, and so on — are all present in the huge amount of food. And what’s more — our bodies can’t do without these chemicals, so to fully give up sugar is simply impossible. And do not need. It is important to understand that not harmful by itself, the sugar, and extra sugar — that is, too much sweet in the diet. If you eat too much sugar, then Yes, the problems begin. It is primarily of metabolic disorders and obesity. The latter can be considered as a factor of development of oncological diseases, but to say that sugar causes cancer, or that cancer cells feed on sugar — very correctly”, — said Vodovozov.