The doctor said that could root from stress

Various pain or just discomfort in our body are not necessarily a sign of disease. Sometimes they can occur as a result of severe stress. For example, after emotional experiences can happen diarrhea, bloating, dizziness, extrasystoles, feeling of “lump in throat”. The doctor talks about how our emotions trigger the “psychosomatics”.

Врач рассказал, что может болеть из-за стресса

“The fact that under the influence of the nervous system changes and the physical condition of the body. It is through the hormonal system. First adrenaline, then cortisol, under their influence is the increased release of prolactin. As a result of this cascade of hormones, unusual for the normal state of the body and having discomfort”.

Fear and sadness

There is a theory that different emotions can cause problems in different organs. For example, if the person has experienced intense fear, they begins to “crumble” of the gastrointestinal tract. May occur anything from constipation to vomiting. But the experience of sadness and depression, causes problems with the respiratory system and heart. However, this theory is not yet proven.

Severe stress affects the muscles, calling the prolonged strain some muscle groups. Accordingly, even after relaxing, you can feel the pain, tingling, seizures.

Pain and psychosomatics

However, it is important to remember that in itself a one-time experience strong emotions does not lead to disease, but constant stress can really damage the target organ. The occurrence of psychosomatic diseases sometimes associated with psychosocial factors, but this issue is not well investigated.