The doctor said that the disease can be identified by the human gait


The movements of the person can judge his health and the presence of various kinds of diseases. This was told by the doctor Alexander Myasnikov.

Врач рассказал, что болезни можно определить по походке человека

Healthy people without effort goes quickly and smoothly, the doctor said. If the gait is different from the norm, this may indicate problems with health. There are several features of gait that indicate the presence of diseases.

So, walking in small steps indicates a problem with the knees or the development of Parkinson’s disease. Bent when walking the legs talking about joint diseases, e.g. osteoarthritis, and Bouncing gait may indicate overexertion of the calf muscles.

The drawing of the legs (the feet) often appears as a consequence of a stroke, but if a person shuffles, it reflects problems with the spine or Central nervous system.

Lameness and pain in the legs indicate atherosclerosis. This disease is dangerous and is characterized by a “clogged” arteries. According to Myasnikov, “it is urgent to quit Smoking and change your lifestyle, otherwise you can stay without legs”.

— Walking pace and number of steps per minute talking about life expectancy. If a person walks slowly, slowly waddling, so the muscle tone he is weak, joints are not developed, and vital energy it is less, the doctor said.

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