The doctor told how a headache for brain cancer and stroke

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov told how a headache can indicate a brain tumor, aneurysm or stroke.

Доктор рассказал, как болит голова при раке мозга и инсульте

The brain itself can not hurt, as there are no nerve endings, the doctor noted. However, ligaments, fascia, tendons, located on the outside of the skull, can cause pain, for example, when a strong tension.

This type of pain 80-90% of all cases. They are relatively safe and easily dealt with by pills.

However, the remaining 10-20% of headaches are not so harmless and may indicate meningitis, aneurysm, stroke, cancer of the brain.

So, migraines and cluster pain can talk about the imminent stroke, so with a strong, unbearable pain you need to see a doctor.

If the person whose headache is extremely rare, suddenly became periodically feel sharp pain, and these sensations began to arise for no particular reason, then you should also consult a doctor. It is an occasion to make a diagnosis of brain cancer.

In addition, to dangerous symptoms include feelings of neurological – numbness, speech problems, pain that increases during coughing, vision problems and cognitive skills.

Miasnikov recalled that much to drink painkillers not worth it. 15 tablets – maximum allowable dose per month.

In any case, if headaches need to consult a doctor for advice.