The doctor told how to be saved from the deadly flu

Do not forget that the flu only seems to be a simple disease. In fact, it is a very dangerous infection. Every year the flu kills tens of thousands of people. Therefore, it is important not to rely only on treatment methods that many.

Врач рассказал, как можно спастись от смертельного гриппа

You need to carry out preventive measures, the main of which are vaccinated. In fact, vaccinations are a sample of the virus to which the body learns to fight it. What vaccines help if not to avoid the disease, at least minimize the complications that occur in the disease process. Because it is often a person, even if, in principle, normally suffered the flu, then faced with all sorts of health problems.

It is therefore very important to be vaccinated, especially children, pregnant women, the elderly and vulnerable. They have the highest efficiency. “In reality prevent the flu will only vaccinations they need everything,” said the doctor.