The doctor told me about the “bread” myths

No need to think that brown bread healthier than white – it’s not more than a myth, says doctor-gastroenterologist Alexey Paramonov. The specialist urged not to trust other popular theories about bread.

Врач рассказал о «хлебных» мифах

The expert explained why brown bread is not healthier than white. According to the doctor, in composition, carbohydrate content and total calories of white bread and black are not particularly different. The difference between these breads is only in the fact that the source of carbohydrates in black bread is rye flour, making the product more acidic.
Paramonov said that the bread has a high glycemic index and its use contributes to the rise in blood sugar, leading in excess to accumulation of fat in the liver. Obesity bread is better not to eat at all, other people are strictly temperate. Even a small excess of the daily requirement of calories due to the extra piece of bread through the months and years turns into extra weight on the body and increases the risk of diabetes of the second type, warned the doctor.
“It’s a myth that diabetes can replace white bread to black and nothing does not deny” — said the expert.

Paramonov considered a myth the assertion that yeast bread causes flatulence. He stated that the gas helps the bread itself. Such a reaction of the intestine occurs in the assimilation of “fast carbs” contained in the bread. As for yeast, then they inevitably die during baking, said the expert. In the so-called unleavened bread, according to the doctor, used the same yeast, but only in the form of the leaven.
Should you be afraid of eating bread with meat? There is a perception that such combination products harder to digest. But Alexey Paramonov denied the justice of this judgment. In the interview he said that separation of power is a non-scientific practice, and in fact, the pancreatic enzymes secreted for digestion of bread and meat, “work without interfering with each other.”