The doctor told me about the dangers and benefits of dipyrone and Biseptol


Doctor Andrew Calls told about the dangers and benefits of drugs that we consider to be a “cure” from disease.

Врач рассказал о вреде и пользе анальгина и бисептола

Analgin was a panacea for diseases in the last century. According to zvonkova, this drug is able to suppress the pain. By and large, is a “ambulance” for our body.

According to zvonkova harm from the use of analgin is not.

“All medicines which propose to replace analginum are the same, but they are expensive. The whole point of advertising other drugs is that a doctor, like a cheap tool to replace the same, but more expensive”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

He stressed that the expensive drugs sometimes do more damage than the “old tried and tested” analgin.

Biseptol is a tool that not able to kill germs as many people think. Biseptol does not breed a lot of bacteria and germs.

In a number of its side effects – contact with acids in the human body, which forms oxalate. These acids can damage the kidneys.

“Biseptol affect hearing, so it is recommended to only take up to ten days, — said our interlocutor.