The doctor told me about the frightening manifestations of sleep paralysis and how to help

In the state of sleep paralysis a person may begin his frightening auditory or visual hallucinations. But in this situation yourself, you can still help, the main thing is not to panic.

Врач рассказала о пугающих проявлениях сонного паралича и способах помочь

About the unusual manifestations of sleep paralysis told in his blog a neurologist Irina Galeeva. According to the specialist, this state is not harmful to health and also it is quite short. But if a person encountered him for the first time, it can produce strong negative impression, to scare.

The doctor explained that the brain during sleep paralyzes muscles to dreams was a strong locomotor activity and did not Wake a sleeping person.

“But in some cases, the person can still Wake up when his body remains motionless. This is called sleep paralysis,” — said Galeeva.

She noted: in this state the awakened can sense that he doesn’t get to do breaths deeply. You may also experience auditory or visual hallucinations.