The doctor told me about the potential risk from the use of spirits

The use of perfumes has no global threats to health, but the spirits can still cause damage is caused by petroleum products, which enter into their composition. So says the doctor Elena Malysheva.

Врач рассказала о потенциальном риске от использования духов

Some people believe that perfume is a very dangerous product that can seriously impair the health. For example, perfumes can provoke allergies and bouts of asthmatic patients. In addition, perfumes can cause headaches. But some scientists say that there are perfumes with neurotoxic substances, as well as perfumes, can trigger the development of cancer.

Malysheva notes that an Allergy can be triggered by anything, so the spirits here is absolutely did not stand out among other products of mass use. “The use of spirits is not accompanied by some sort of global risks, and existing individual risks associated with the products of oil refining, which are the basis of much of the perfumes present in the market,” says Malyshev.

Elena Malysheva, furthermore, noted that no perfumes in any of the lists of carcinogenic products. Accordingly, the assumption that spirits can cause cancer, nothing confirmed.