The doctor told me how to defeat a migraine attack

The cause of migraine is not known, the pain may manifests itself is painful, so all that is connected with this disease shrouded in myths. You need not to take medications, and there is a “natural painkillers”? After menopause it goes away? My head hurts from hunger? Specialist Alexander Amelin says what is true and what is not.

Врач рассказал, как победить приступ мигрени

Migraine and menopause

The myth is that with the advent of menopause migraine passes. This is only true for half of the cases. Moreover, sometimes it is amplified in adulthood. Young women can trigger a migraine birth control pills.

The cause of the headache — disorders of blood supply to the brain?

It’s not true. The brain has no pain receptors, there’s nothing can not hurt. The pain associated with the large arteries and the Dura. For example hemorrhage provokes a sharp pain as the blood irritates the shell.

Headache due to hypertension?

According to statistics, the highest number of migraines occurs in chronic hypotensive. In hypertensive patients it hurts less, and to help them enough to take a pill to lower the pressure.

My head hurts from hunger or cold

Yes, your head may ache of starvation, it usually occurs in those who are sensitive to low sugar in the blood. To ease the pain enough to drink tea with sugar.
From cold it can hurt, it is one of the exotic types of pain, it occurs not only in the cold, but also from drinking cold drinks.

Migraine help “Natural analgesics” — chocolate, ginger, chili

If the migraine attack began, in addition to the drugs, nothing can help — no shower, no walking, no food.