The doctor told me how to distinguish the heart from swelling; renal

Edema is fluid accumulation in tissues (more than you need). They can be a symptom of many different diseases, the most common kidney disease and heart disease. The therapist talked about the characteristics of different types of edema.

Врач рассказал как отличить «сердечные» отеки от «почечных»

“Renal edema is evenly distributed throughout your body. However, if the person is long on his feet, standing, oedema appear on the legs. Very rarely with renal edema fluid accumulates in the abdomen, pleural cavities. In severe cases, swelling can greatly increase body weight. Especially if the patient complies with bed rest. Also for renal edema characteristic pallor”.

5 differences renal edema swelling associated with heart disease

  1. Renal swelling is increasing rapidly, the heart gradually.
  2. Problems in the kidneys makes itself felt first of the “puffiness” of the face — swelling of the face, especially the century. Cardiac dropsy more accumulate in the abdomen.
  3. Edema associated with heart disease, often increase the liver, kidney — such a connection is not detected.
  4. Renal edema can be “moved” by the hands when squeezing, heart — dense, bad move.
  5. Edema associated with heart weight rarely increases, or increases slightly. Renal can give a significant boost.

Another sign of potential kidney disease is hypertension, which is difficult to treat.