The doctor told me how to identify the disease state of the skin

Problems with the face (and sometimes body) can indicate disease of the internal organs. And depending on the nature of the changes, you can spend a little “comodegenic”, and suspecting a possible symptom go to the doctor.

Врач рассказал, как определить болезнь по состоянию кожи лица

Osteopath says signs that might indicate some internal problems.

Sallow complexion

Normal complexion is pinkish, and the skin matte. It should not be spots, pimples, pustules, or redness. Changing in one direction or another complexion said that the body had problems.
The most obvious sign of a problem — sallow complexion. It can indicate anemia, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland. In addition, the earthy grey color of the face may constitute a violation of blood flow, dehydration from poor nutrition and lack of drinking.

Strong redness

If the face is red most of the time, then perhaps we are talking about venous stasis — as a result of trauma of the bones of the vessels, there has been a violation of blood circulation. If the red spot is local, the problem lies, again, in the gastrointestinal tract.


Frequent eruptions testify generally about the imbalance of hormones, or digestive problems due to malnutrition.

Brittle nails and hair loss

These problems can also lot to say about the condition. The most common causes — iron deficiency anemia and lack of vitamin D. So if there is a problem of brittle nails and abundant hair loss, the first thing to start is a review of the food and the intake of extra vitamins and minerals. However, it should be done only after consulting specialists and laboratory tests.