The doctor told me how to keep joints healthy


Problems with the joints associated with aging, but they emerge and develop over many years. The doctor Alexander Myasnikov told what measures will help keep joints healthy.

Врач рассказал, как сохранить суставы здоровыми

Usually it is believed that the joints is very harmful to eat a lot of salt. But Dr. butcher noticed that the pernicious influence of salt on the joints is exaggerated. Also, he said, public opinion multiplied benefits for the joints of some of the dishes – a variety of water and jelly, which (as believed), provides joints collagen and other valuable substances.

“If you think you can do nothing and just eat jelly, jelly, and fat soup, it will only lead to excess weight. He in turn develops acute arthritis: weight puts pressure on the joint, and he begins to ivy,” warned the doctor butchers.

The doctor said that the cartilage is not supplied with blood, nourished and periarticular fluid. So the food was full, you need first to move, he stated.

It is the lack of physical activity destroys the joints of the vast majority of people, says Alexander Myasnikov. According to him, performing simple exercises, which occupies 10 minutes in day, already give effect for the prevention of arthritis.

Also among the factors causing joint diseases, the expert highlighted infection – for example, on the condition of the joints can adversely affect psoriasis, hepatitis, chlamydia. In addition, the joints harmful repetitive motion. For this reason, the doctor thinks the butchers is quite useful running – instead of running he recommends to practice intensive walking.

The medic gave five recommendations that can help to keep joints healthy:

  • To prevent excess weight or to get rid of it;
  • To avoid a long stillness, the daily to do exercises;
  • Properly distribute the load and not to overload any one joint;
  • Not loading the joints through the pain (eg, during exercise);
  • Prolonged joint pain is necessary to see a doctor.