The doctor told me why after eating, constipation and feeling sick

After eating may experience different health problems: fatigue, constipation and bloating or other troubles. Doctor Elena Malysheva told, what it can be connected.

Врач рассказала, почему после еды возникают запоры и плохое самочувствие

In particular, Malysheva shared the view that the bloating tells about lactose intolerance. This violation occurs because of a lack of the enzyme processing dairy sugars. Even if you don’t drink actual milk – enough to eat the food in which it is present.

According to Malysheva, to solve this problem you need contain milk products for two weeks. In this period, you can consume low-lactose or vegetable milk

Constipation in connection with food occur in those who eat too much fast carbs: pasta, bread, sweets, says Elena Malysheva. She said that of these products absorb virtually all substance, and it is elementary there is nothing to allocate in the form of undigested residue, forming the feces.

To cope with constipation, the doctor recommends is necessary to introduce in your diet greens, celery, cucumbers, bran.

Speaking of weakness and being unwell after a meal, Malysheva said that this symptom may indicate anemia. She advised people with this problem to start the tests. If they reveal the low level of iron in the diet will be most useful to include meat, said the doctor.