The doctor told me, why not use the pills, for pain in heart

The doctors reminded us how dangerous “heart drops”. First, they cause dependence with regular use, secondly, can seriously harm, if not properly self-diagnosis status.

Врач рассказал, почему нельзя применять корвалол при болях в сердце

In particular, Zaur Shogenov, the doctor, said drops have a calming effect, so their use is pointless, it won’t help if the risk of a heart attack or other serious conditions. We are talking about such popular media as Corvalol and valokordin.

“This product contains phenobarbital, to which there is addictive, akin to substance abuse,” said the doctor.

The dangers of samonazvanie

The cardiologist strongly recommends that you consult a doctor if you have any issues with the heart, and not to engage in self-diagnosis and self-appointed. Heart disease is often fatal, and it happens often unexpectedly.

Shogenov also noted the harm to the equally popular “the people” nitroglycerin, which could seriously lower pressure.

“If a person happens to myocardial infarction, pressure and so very low, and he still puts it under the tongue and nitroglycerin, it will only aggravate the situation.”

Pain, where should immediately consult a doctor

In addition, the cardiologist described the pain requiring immediate treatment to the doctor, better call the ambulance assistance.

“Pressing, squeezing or burning pain behind the breastbone, which gives in the left shoulder blade, left arm or lower jaw is very serious. This pain is worse during movement and can pass the rest”.