The doctor told why bad not to eat Breakfast


Dr. Alexander Myasnikov told why bad not to eat Breakfast. According to the specialist, thus there is hormonal imbalance, harmful to health.

Доктор рассказал, почему вредно не завтракать

Many people ignore morning meal. Some do not manage to do so by virtue of employment, others are looking to decrease the number eaten per day, calories. Alexander Myasnikov recommend you do, because you can only expect a negative effect. The human body is a complex mechanism, established on a mode of operation in certain conditions. Output beyond causes harm. In case of refusal to eat Breakfast, it is happening hormonal failure, reflected in savings of available energy and increase appetite. In the end, people are still eating, but breaking the schedule and in greater numbers. Biological routine causes the body to react for the first meal like morning, although it could be after lunch, which is very harmful.

Told the doctor about what products to choose for Breakfast. Specialist recommends to refuse from sweet, as in this case, there is a risk to trigger the development of diabetes. You also need to avoid salty products such as sausages, and the high content of fat leads to a double health damage. It is best to use different cereals that have a lot of zinc and magnesium, and two boiled eggs. From drinks you can choose coffee, tea and plain water.

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