The doctor warned against colds alcohol

Some are used to treat people’s methods, which, according to the doctor-the therapist Olga Alexandrova, are often not only useless, but frankly harmful. For example, the habit to “treat” a cold vodka with pepper or warm beer is not a treatment, but only “legal” expression of alcoholism.

Врач предостерегла от лечения простуды алкоголем

It is believed that if you drink before bedtime the warm beer, you can get rid of a cold in just one night. No, it doesn’t work — says Alexandrov, noting that any alcohol is contraindicated during illness, as it creates an additional burden on the already weakened body.

And warm beer in this respect not the worst, because many start with it and then move on to vodka with pepper, which is supposed to be need certainly to finish all the viruses and bacteria. But if this “medicine” and might have something to finish, is that the liver with the stomach.

When the house ends up vodka and beer, begin treatment with garlic, which they are in the form of juice drip where it doesn’t belong. That is — in the nose. “Garlic juice is not only for colds, but also damage the mucous membranes, which may cause some complications. No need to do so”, advises the therapist Alexandrov. As I don’t need to go to the bath with a cold — so you only get sick even more.