The doctor warned of the danger of effervescent cold remedies


The doctor warned about the risk of using effervescent, designed to help in the treatment of colds. The pulmonologist Alexander Palman urged not to believe the advertising, where the promise of instant recovery.

Врач предупредили об опасности шипучих средств от простуды

Many tout effervescent cold remedies as a “miracle pill” that will instantly get on my feet and forget about the cold symptoms. The effect of these drugs are transient and deceptive, to fully restore health, you must follow the key recommendations, including bed rest. Although “pop” allows you to feel better, and the risk of complications, and people remain contagious to others.

Not to undermine health, it is better at least for a few days to call in sick and spend that time at home, refusing to load. If you take the effervescent means and continue to attend work, you can seriously Deplete your own body.

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