The doctors called a drink you can’t drink men after 50 years

Doctors and experts in the field of healthy lifestyle called the drink that should not drink men over fifty years. If you give up these drinks, you can keep healthy and live longer — experts say.

Врачи назвали напитки, которые нельзя пить мужчинам после 50 лет

First on the list is soda. And it’s not only fizzy drinks but mineral water, which most people find useful. “If you have no special medical indications, to drink mineral water on a regular basis is not necessary, as it can disrupt metabolism. As for the sweet carbonated water, its harm is so obvious to all sensible people”, — tell the doctors.

In second place — alcoholic beverages. Dose of alcohol, the harmful effects of which are still able to move the young body, becoming increasingly destructive to the health of the aging. Accordingly, men over fifty need to reconsider their attitude to alcohol if they don’t want to amass a variety of diseases of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, blood vessels, and so on.

Closes the list of coffee. If you drink this drink constantly, instead of tidal forces you will get only exhaustion. Coffee contains compounds which by their action on the body resemble female hormones, so the aging of men is to treat his drink carefully.