The doctors called common cardiovascular disease


The doctors called cardiovascular disease, which are the most common. These common pathologies lead to increased mortality of young people.

Врачи назвали распространенные сердечно-сосудистые патологии

In medicine there is the concept of “likelihood of risks”. The presence of several pathologies not indicates that the person will die. Risks are assessed in each separate situation.

Hypertrophic cardiomiopathy is a disease of the myocardium, which leads to a change in the heart muscle. It can cause sudden death. Tachyarrhythmia also applies to dangerous pathologies. It leads to the development of an abnormally rapid heartbeat.

High blood pressure can be a symptom of severe forms of hypertension. Atherosclerosis leads to narrowing of the arteries. As a result of impaired protein and lipid metabolism.

Threat is also pheochromocytoma – a tumor, where the blood receives a significant amount of adrenaline. An abrupt release of substances may be too large, whereby there is a risk of rapid deterioration in health.

Doctors recommend in case of pain syndrome of the heart is to seek medical help.

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