The doctors called the beneficial properties of eggplant


Doctors have found useful than eggplant. This valuable product allows you to maintain good health and to get rid of numerous ailments.

Врачи назвали полезные свойства баклажанов

It is proved that the eggplant is important for weight loss. The caloric value of 100 grams of product is only 25 calories. In addition to its digestion requires the least time. Aubergines are nutritional components that contribute to the normalization of the heart. The inclusion of vegetables in the diet ensures the strengthening of the immune system, which is the prevention of colds. Also improves the function of the nervous system, therefore, prevents stress and insomnia.

These vegetables also improve memory, normalize blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, maintain an optimal rate of cholesterol.

Doctors say that you need to remember about caution. Overripe fruit can lead to food poisoning. It is advisable to choose young eggplants are oblong forms, with a shiny smooth surface, no dents and stains. The most useful are the white varieties, because they lack such potentially hazardous substance, such as solanine.

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