The doctors called the sprouts of Wheatgrass are very good for health

If you want to maintain the health of your body in the cold season, start to grow sprouts Wheatgrass. The doctors say that this plant is an excellent source of many essential for life nutrients.

Врачи назвали ростки пырея очень полезными для здоровья

According to experts, sprouts wheat grass, eaten in winter, is able to largely compensate for the deficiency of such vital vitamins as A, C and E, plus, Wheatgrass is a source of magnesium, calcium, iron and other trace elements.

And that’s not all. Consisting of germs of wheat grass contains some essential amino acids as well as substances that slow the oxidative and inflammatory responses in the body. For example, one study showed that eating sprouts of Wheatgrass can be an extremely effective tool for the prevention of cancer cells formation in the oral cavity.

Another study showed that the juice of Wheatgrass is able to exert a beneficial effect on bone marrow function. Juice Wheatgrass, in particular, to some extent, compensate for the associated bone marrow complications that frequently develop after chemotherapy of cancer.

The sprouts of Wheatgrass’s ability to fight off inflammatory reactions successfully applied in modern medicine. Experiments on volunteers who were treated from ulcerative colitis with the use of the juice of the Wheatgrass, showed that the tool reduces the unpleasant symptoms and makes the disease is generally less severe.